28 of the Best Things I Ever Did :: Workouts, Writing, and More

I recently read a Danielle LaPorte post about the 28 best things she ever did for herself. It got me thinking. Having just turned 28, maybe I should write one too. Here goes!

28 of the Best Things I Ever Did :: Workouts, Writing, and More

28 of the best things I ever did

1. Ditched coffee for tea. Black tea. Very, black tea.

2. Started drinking green smoothies in the morning.

3. Adopted cats. (People say I “saved” them, but I think it’s the other way around.)

4. Moved back home with my parents for a while after University. (It felt like a giant step backwards, but I’m so thankful for that time I spent with them. It brought us closer.)

5. Took a web design class.

6. Took burlesque dance classes. Performed. Performed again.

7. Started blogging. (I’ve met so many neat people through this thang!)

8. Kept writing.

9. Stopped being a vegetarian. Started eating only organic meats, for the most part!

10. Got a Dyson vacuum. (It was a gift. Does that count? Hah!)

11. Redesigned—simplified—my web design.

12. Tried spin class. Loved it. Kept going.

13. Started walking, a lot.

14. Started reading oracle/goddess/divinity cards. (They give me the direction I need, insight into my thought processes. Plus now I can predict the future… just kidding.)

15. Went where I wanted, even if it meant going alone.

16. Organized a nude calendar in my early university days. (It was my first big art project and made me proud.)

17. Called myself an artist. (The label can be so elitist, as if you need a panel to nod approval before you may proceed.)

18. Faked it till I made it. (Not sure I’ve “made” it yet, the concept applies to many facets of my life.)

19. Kept up with my oral hygiene.

20. Wrote the poems even if he doesn’t show me any care or respect whatsoever. They’re good either way.

21. Let go of having to be the “bigger person” every time. Eff that.

22. Gave myself more time to sleep in, less time to hit snooze.

23. Tried fish tacos. Yum!

24. Backed out of a few situations that weren’t serving me well. (See number 21 above.)

25. Started wearing high waisted jeans.

26. Jumped into entrepreneurship.

27. Got a good mattress for my bed. (Also a gift, but I asked for it, yeah?!)

28. Started dating. (Too many cute fellas to stay hung up on old flames.)

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