An Editor Fixes More than Just Bad Grammar

I’ve heard it so many times. “I hate writing. I’m no good at it. I never know what to say.”

Writing, it’s one of those things everyone can do, but few can do well. Still, most people don’t know that an editor can help them with that.

Editors are writers too. Editors know how to spot errors and fix them. They know which paragraphs to cut and which ones to tweak. They are conscious of voice, style, diction, and form. They are committed to perfection and love the thrill of a clean and concise sentence. Editors fix more than just bad grammar.

An Editor Fixes More than Just Bad Grammar

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Ever feel like you’re not quite expressing your thoughts the same on paper as in your mind? Or, possibly, you’re misusing words and altering your message. It’s okay, everyone does, it’s common. But there’s a way around that. Editors just know. They’re bookworms, grammar nazis, perfectionists. Editors have a way of rearranging and replacing to create clarity for your work.


If you’re not an editor, you would never think to check for consistent verb tense, word usage, or tone. You probably wouldn’t think to make sure certain words, like a company name, are capitalized (or not) and placed in the correct order. Many companies have a strict style guide for these types of things. Editors love this kind of stuff. It creates rhythm, balance, and credibility.


Editors will ensure that you have a consistent tone and voice throughout your piece. They will make sure you sound authoritative, which establishes you as an expert. You don’t want to be playful and silly in one paragraph then turn serious and intense in the next. Editors will help you have a conversation with your readers.


Finally, editors will fix all those technical errors. This is the final step in editing. Many people struggle with writing because they don’t have a grasp on spelling and grammar. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer, it just means you need an editor.

What’s the difference?

Finally, I just want to leave you with definitions of the different types of editing. You can hire an editor for all three, or just the one you need.

Stylistic / Substantive Editing :: Making changes to structure and clarifying meaning.

Copyediting :: Checking grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style.

Proofreading :: Verifying the proof matches the draft and is free of errors.

What’s your biggest struggle with writing? Leave me a comment + I could write a blog post for ya!

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