Being an Introvert with Extroverted Aspirations

It’s the Quiet Revolution and introverts are on the rise. It seems we’ve found our venue to happily express our thoughts in a loud way that is soft enough to ease the tension of taking centre stage. It’s called the internet and I’m so happy I found it.

Being an Introvert with Extroverted Aspirations

Being an Introvert

Being an introvert with extroverted aspirations is both exhausting and exhilarating. I love people and I love their stories. I love dancing and performing and being the centre of attention. I love sharing my thoughts + stories too. BUT :: it’s exhausting. The energy I expel being excited for all the things means I often need timeouts. (Sometimes these timeouts are mental vacations in the middle of a conversation – sowy!)

I often wish I were an extrovert because I love talking to people and I love having company. I see extroverts in the world and it seems they have it just a little easier. Extroverts seem to get ahead because they have the conversation skills to make great connections. Extroverts seem to have more fun, more friends, more flirtations. But, as always, things aren’t always as they seem. All I know about being an extrovert is what I’ve read.

Truth is, I’m happy being an introvert. Though it’s taken a while for me to realize that shyness is not weakness, that anxiety is not uncommon and that aloneness is not a measure of my worth, I’m proud of my inner world, my happy little bubble.

Being an introvert means, yes, I’m kind of shy.

Being an introvert means my shyness is often mistaken for lack of confidence, or worse, lack of interest.

Being an introvert means I have more pictures of my feet + my lap than I do of my face + my friends.

Being an introvert means I often travel, walk and do shit alone.

Being an introvert means I go to events solo because I’ve waited last minute to invite a pal just in case I’m not in the mood. (Turns out most people make plans, who knew?)

Being an introvert means I dream and plan and wish.

Being an introvert means I’m part of the Quiet Revolution.

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