The Best Places to go in Vancouver

I was talking to a tourist recently who asked about the inside scoop on fun in Vancouver. I had so much fun imparting my local knowledge I decided to share my favorite best places to go in Vancouver.

The Best Places to go in Vancouver

Best Places to go in Vancouver

Ice Cream

Craft ice cream is a thing in Vancouver. I’ve spoiled myself so much with these delicious venues that I can’t even enjoy regular store-bought ice cream. My favourites are:


There’s no way I could list all the amazing food in Vancouver. I drool just thinking about it. But,the places you shouldn’t leave without visiting are:


Like food, the selection of booze in Vancouver is overwhelming. Craft beer, craft cider, and custom cocktails abound. Check out these venues:


Vancouver has some pretty nice beaches, but many of them get super busy in the summer. Here are my favorite beaches:

  • Third Beach (for a quieter day)
  • Kits Beach (if you want to meet young, hip, active locals)
  • Second Beach (if you’re with your kids)
  • Wreck Beach (it’s a nude beach)


One of the best things about Vancouver is the art. We’ve got a wide range of art galleries, from big to small, and private to public. These are the art galleries I go to often:


Take a stroll around these Vancouver neighbourhoods to get a feel for the local culture:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Gastown
  • Lynn Valley
  • Hastings Sunrise


If you want to pick of something nice to take home with you, I recommend these souvenirs:

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