Best Vancouver Venues to Host Events

I love this city. One of the best parts about living in Vancouver is the plethora of great events and all the best Vancouver venues that host them. I’ve compiled a list of the top five best Vancouver venues to host events. The great thing about these Vancouver venues is that whether you’re going to (or hosting) an event or not, they’re all worth visiting.

Top Five Best Vancouver Venues to Host Events

Best Vancouver Venues to Host Events

Best Vancouver Venue 01 :: Hot Art Wet City

If you haven’t been to Hot Art Wet City then you need to go asap. Seriously. Not only do they feature neat art on the walls, but they host a variety of events to entertain your fancies. This week they’ve got Dr. Sketchy’s with Mr. Diva, Naked Girls Reading and Kyle Bottom’s Comedy Bucket. Run by Chris Bentzen, Hot Art Wet City is one of the best Vancouver venues for hosting events.

Best Vancouver Venue 02 :: The Cobalt

The Cobalt is one of those best Vancouver venues that pushes boundaries. I love this place for its sexy parties that include NSFW (Hip Hop Meets Striptease,) the Gay Agenda, Mr. + Miss Cobalt Drag Competition, Snag (Live Painting Art Raffle) and all the other shit that goes on there! It’s pretty cool, so go.

Best Vancouver Venue 03 :: Biltmore Cabaret

Let’s face it, the main reason Biltmore Cabaret is one of the best Vancouver venues is because of their weekly Kitty Nights striptease. I mean, come on, you gotta go! They also host bands (such as Timber Timbre tonight,) comedy and dance parties. It’s always a pleasure.

Best Vancouver Venue 04 :: The Beach

Maybe it’s not really a venue, but the beach is a great place to get a bunch of folks together and have a good time. Plus it’s free! You may have to hide your beer and make dibs on a shady spot but the waves, sand and breeze can’t be beat. You can actually rent picnic spaces in Vancouver too. Don’t forget a frisbee!

Best Vancouver Venue 05 :: Contemporary Art Gallery

I love the Contemporary Art Gallery. If you want intriguing art as the centrepiece of your event then this is the best Vancouver venue for you. Typically stand up cocktail receptions work delightfully well here. Whether you have an event or not, the Contemporary Art Gallery is worth a visit.

That’s my list of the best Vancouver venues to host events. Did I miss any?! Leave a comment and let me know.

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