10 Things I Read, Thought About or Noticed this Week

01 :: My Summer Anthem

02 :: Kitten My Yoga On

If you’re into yoga and helping kids, then please join or donate to my yogathon team! We’re raising funds for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland all while “kitten” our yoga on! It’s September 9 at David Lam Park!

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03 :: Ellen Degeneres is so Amazing

This woman makes me cry happy tears, every freaking time.

04 :: 24-Hour Movie Marathon—Can We Have in Winter?

I would love to do an all-day movie marathon, but not when the sun is shining. If you’re a vampire you should go!

05 :: Bloodline + House of Cards + (soon) Game of Thrones = All New Seasons

Again, why in the summer?! But I’m srsly stoked.

06 :: Fuck Trump

07 :: NDP + BC Greens = Government?

Hearing that the BC Greens will support a minority government led by the NDP makes me happy. But what’s next? BC Liberals say it’s their “responsibility” to form a minority government. That Christy.

08 :: Depression is a Real Thing

It’s good to hear that more and more adults don’t feel ashamed of their mental illness and are seeking support. As someone who has struggled with depression all my life, I can say that getting a physician’s consult has made a world of difference. There’s a basic foundation of wellbeing that’s missing when you have depression, and until it’s addressed, it’s hard to make sense of the doldrum. Good things happen, but you can’t help but feel malaise. Finding support that works feels like a veil has been lifted.

09 :: Stealthing is a Real Thing

If you don’t know this already, please be aware that consent means both parties have agreed to all aspects of the sexual activity…including whether or not you use a condom.

10 :: Cativersary

My cat and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last month. Isn’t she cute?

The Problem with David Schwimmer’s #ThatsHarassment Videos

The David Schwimmer PSAs blew up my Facebook feed this week. Touted as “powerful” and “must-see” I thought they’d reveal something about sexual harassment that the average person didn’t already know. Instead, they perpetuate the patriarchal interpretation of what sexual harassment is and is not. That is to say that unless sexual harassment escalates to a certain degree, it’s not, in fact, harassment.

Each PSA portrays intensifying incidences of sexual harassment in workplaces. A bartender who harasses his new female colleague with inappropriate jokes, then grabs her ass and licks her ear. A boss who hovers over his employee, gets increasingly closer, then touches her earrings and kisses her on the lips. A photographer who prods for a model’s sexual fantasies then has her masturbate in front of him.

The clips end with “#ThatsHarrassment” displayed across the screen. As someone who has experienced sexual harassment, “#ThatsHarassment” felt like a slap in the face. It was as if to say the crude jokes, inappropriate hovering and uncomfortable prodding were not also harassment, which they are.

Here’s how the Government of British Columbia defines sexual harassment:

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. It is sexual harassment if someone repeatedly says or does things to you that are insulting and ffensive. It can be words or actions that are sex or gender-related.
There are many types of sexual harassment:

  • unwanted touching
  • making o ensive jokes or remarks about women or men
  • making sexual requests or suggestions
  • staring at or making unwelcome comments about someone’s body
  • showing sexual pictures or images
  • being verbally abusive to someone because of gender

Harassment may be sex discrimination even if it is not sexual in nature. This can happen when someone harasses you simply because of your gender. Sexual harassment happens most often to women, but it can also happen to men or between members of the same sex.

Sexual harassment is a human rights issue. If you or someone you know is experiencing harassment or discrimination based on your sex or gender, you can seek help. Don’t feel like you have to report it, but here are some resources that may help you:

Please let me know if you know of other resources in and around Vancouver, or if you need directing to services in your own area.