Where to Find Smart Guest Blog Post Opportunities

Writing guest blog posts is a smart way to generate traffic to your site. Having your site linked to from high ranking sites will increase your rank for search engines as well. Plus, you’ll get in front of new potential customers and direct them right to your content.

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But, for now, I want to tell you about the best places to find smart guest blog post opportunities on the internet.

Where to Find Smart Guest Blog Post Opportunities

Where to Find Smart Guest Blog Post Opportunities

On Similar Blogs

A perfect place to find smart guest blog post opportunities is to reach out to others bloggers with a similar audience to yours. Think about where your customers + clients are hanging out and focus there. I’ve written a few guest blog posts on some lovely blogs and it has not only generated traffic but increased my email list. Don’t worry too much about whether these bloggers have a large audience, but rather, whether their audience is engaged in + purchasing their content. Want my tips for choosing the best blogs to post to? Get on my list at the bottom of this post!

Here are my guest blog posts I’ve got out there on similar blogs to my own ::

Through Interviews

Many bloggers + websites out there interview creative entrepreneurs, life coaches, and just plain interesting folks. If you can find yourself on a few of these blogs then you’ll be given some prime real estate to talk about yourself to the nines! Don’t be shy to email those bloggers + inquire as to how they choose their interviewees. Offer your time as one too. Speaking as a blogger with an interview series myself, I welcome go getters like this because it decreases the work I have to do to fill the blog post slots! And hey, if you’re a Vancouverite, get at me, I’m accepting new interviews all the time!

Here is an interview guest blog post I was featured in ::

By Submission

Some sites out there don’t require inquiries, but instead ask you to write your guest blog post and submit it for publication. One such example is MindBodyGreen. I know it may seem like a lot of work for just the potential to be featured, but, if they don’t accept your wonderful + lovely guest blog post you can use it to submit elsewhere. As a fiction writer myself, I’ve been published on a literary site called Canada Writes.

Here are my by submission guest blog posts on Canada Writes ::

On a Guest Blog Post Mecca

There are plenty of sites out there that thrive on the guest blog post submissions they receive daily. There’s even an opportunity for you to submit regular weekly or monthly guest blog posts to some of these sites. To find a smart guest blog post opportunity for your industry, check out Firepole Marketing + Peter Sandeen that list over 140 blogs who accept guest blog posts on a regular basis. Remember to focus on guest blog post opportunities that get you in front of new potential customers who are engaging in + purchasing the blogger’s content. Again! Get on my list at the bottom of this post for my tips for picking profitable guest blog post hosts!

Here are my Lifehack.org guest blog posts I wrote ::

By Invitation

When you get really good at writing guest blog posts as well as your own content, you may be lucky enough to be invited to write for a prominent website such as Design*Sponge. They no longer accept guest blog post inquiries (which is how I got on there) but they do have a column called Biz Ladies that features prominent business women throughout the web. So keep on your game + don’t be discouraged if your guest blog post isn’t accepted. The small steps make all the difference.

Here is my guest blog post I wrote for Biz Ladies ::

Now it’s your turn to share! Where have you been featured as a guest blog post recently? Leave a comment below + let me know.

4 Ways to Deal with Trolls Under Your Bridge


ugly, hairy, mean beasts who live under bridges

I experienced my first troll via the blogosphere this past weekend, and I gotta admit it stung a little. This person scouted me out through a guest post I wrote on Lifehack and emailed me their disgruntled, highly unfounded bullshit. Through a fake email nonetheless.

The title of the article is 10 Things Happy People Don’t Believe.

This poor person obviously didn’t thoroughly read my tips for happiness before unloading their anger + unhappiness onto me. So, after about 10 minutes of feeling my hurt, because I’m not just gonna brush that pain aside, I said a little prayer for them and enlisted some of my favourite bloggers, + a little inner wisdom, to help me deal with it.

So here’s how to deal with trolls.

4 Ways to Deal with Trolls Under Your Bridge

1. Ignore them.

Don’t fuel the negativity of a trolly comment. Like Gabby Bernstein says “forgive + delete,” then move on. If you need to, take a few minutes to grieve + release the hurt of the attack, but don’t let it consume you. The hatefulness says more about them than it does about you.

2. Celebrate your success.

Trolls don’t normally seek out opportunities for attack unless they feel they will be given a venue for their validation. So, celebrate this harassment as an affirmation of your success. For every one person who hates what you’re doing there are 10, 100, or 10 thousand who love it. If you ain’t got no enemies you ain’t standing for no nothin’.

3. Say a prayer for them.

Like I said, this comment says more about the troll than it does about you, so obviously they are living a sad, dark life at the moment + need some light. Take 30 seconds to send love to them. You don’t have to write a thank you note, just affirm some joy for them.

4. Spread some love.

One of my favourite ways of uplifting my spirit is to spread love. This could take the form of self-kindness or a random act of goodness towards a stranger. You could even call a friend. What better way to eliminate hate than to seek out someone who loves you!

Resources to deal with trolls from internet gurus ::

Have you ever been bullied by a troll under your bridge? How do you deal with trolls? Leave a comment + let me know.

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Top 5 Tips & Resources to Prettify Your Blog

Tips to Prettify your Blog

Photo Credit: Zugr via Unsplash.

Top 5 Tips & Resources to Prettify Your Blog

Want to spruce up your site? Here are some tips & resources to help you out.

1. Pick a pretty colour scheme.

It’s amazing what just a touch of the right colours can do for a site. If you feel like your accent colour is just a shade off of your main colour, or if there’s a bit of a clash up in there you might want to rethink your colour scheme. We’re not all designers so I’ve got a couple resources you can check out to prettify your blog.

Colour resources to prettify your blog:

  1. Colour Lovers. A library of beautiful & unique colour combinations.
  2. Design Seeds. Full of inspirational colour palettes.
  3. Design blogs. Many designers post moodboards that feature lovely & thoughtful colour schemes. Check out Breanna Rose, Pugly Pixel, and Ciera Design for some nice inspiration.

2. Choose a sans-serif font.

Contrary to print, a sans-serif font is much easier on the eyes when reading on a screen. Arial & Verdana are your basic universal choices but there are plenty of resources out there to choose a unique font that suites your brand.

Font resources to prettify your blog:

  1. Google Fonts: A multitude of free fonts you can download to your desktop or link into your site.
  2. CSS Font Stack: A list of web safe fonts that you can use risk free on your site.
  3. My Fonts: Tons of beautiful, beautiful fonts. But you gotta pay for these ones.
Tips to Prettify your Blog

Photo Credit: Rick Walters via Unsplash.

3. Use high quality images.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before but use high quality images on your blog posts and don’t miss a post without some visual appeal. People are often attracted to reading your post based on the pictures you use. The prettier it looks the more attracted they will be to your content.

Image resources to prettify your blog:

  1. Photo Pin: Millions of free photos from flickr.
  2. Unsplash: A curated collection of hi-res images you can use & modify for free.
  3. Pinterest: You know!

PS – Remember to give credit where credit is due. I got the pics above from Unsplash!

4. Break up the text.

Huge chunks of text are not appealing to online readers. They’ll take one look and then walk away. Images are a great way to add interest to your posts, but there are other ways to break up the text to prettify your blog.

Text tips to prettify your blog:

  1. Headers: Show the reader the most interesting bits of your post. Make them catchy and informative to attract readers into the content.
  2. Lists: Compile your content with common threads into lists.
  3. Line breaks: Separate sections with a line to break up the content.

5. Customize.

Want to stand out next to other blogs? Customize, customize, customize. Don’t settle for the templates and bare minimum add some personality. This could be in the form of graphics, professional headshots, cool background, and neat web design features. You might want to consider hiring a professional to create something stellar for you, or ask a friend to help you out.

Customizing resources to prettify your blog:

  1. Want a cool floating menu like the one I have above? Email me. I’ll hook you up.
  2. Check out the beautiful illustrations on Jenny Highsmith & Maiedae.
  3. Subtle Patterns: A quick, easy, and free way to add texture to your background.