26 Easy Ways to Help the Environment

My Little Sister (in the Big Sisters Study Buddy Program) and I came up with 26 easy ways to help the environment. We’re both pretty conscientious about our daily choices, but felt that there is always room for improvement. So, if you’re looking for easy ways to help the environment, here are 26 of them!

26 Easy Ways to Help the Environment

25 Easy Ways to Help the Environment

  1. Don’t smoke

  2. Throw away waste/recyclables/compost in their appropriate bins

  3. Don’t pick plants or cut down trees just because you want to

  4. Bring your own mug/thermos to the coffee shop

  5. Use things made with recyclable materials as much as you can

  6. Donate to environmental organizations

  7. Walk, ride your bike, or use public transit

  8. Watch nature channels and documentaries to learn more about the environment and how you can help

  9. Don’t waste water

  10. Turn off the lights and unplug outlets when you leave the room

  11. Plant more plants!

  12. Use revolving doors (they help conserve energy)

  13. Don’t run water while you brush your teeth (you can use a cup of water instead)

  14. Don’t use exfoliants with plastic microbes because they harm fish and wildlife

  15. Pay your bills online

  16. Use environmentally friendly lightbulbs

  17. Don’t wash your hair frequently

  18. Stir coffee with dry pasta instead of a stir stick

  19. Use a dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand and only run it when it’s full

  20. Reduce or eliminate meat consumption

  21. Use a refillable water bottle

  22. Limit use of napkins (try using only one next time)

  23. Don’t put glass in the trash

  24. Eat + shop locally

  25. Support + use renewable energy as much as possible

  26. Volunteer!

No Regrets? I Call Bullshit.

Regret. It’s one of those words that immediately alludes negativity. But this negative insinuation assumes that we are incapable of learning from our mistakes. Brené Brown says it well in the video below on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

No Regrets? I Call Bullshit.

Skip ahead to 23:57 for Brené on regret or watch the full episode!

I’ve been seeing a bio energy healer here in Vancouver and it has given me some great perspective on my emotional body. The practice is both energy healing, kind of like reiki, and spiritual/emotional healing, kind of like counselling. My healer has a wealth of wisdom that she shares with me. We watched a portion of the video above in my last session and it definitely resonated with me.

PS :: If you want to try bio energy healing, shoot me an email + I’ll put you in touch with mine. (She’s in Vancouver)!

No regrets is a very optimistic ambition, but I think it misses the point that we are not perfect and that mistakes are inevitable. If you have “no regrets,” I worry that you are either not taking risks or not learning from your mistakes.

Brené’s example was of her teenage years where she slut shamed other women or bullied other women. I can relate, and yes, it’s something I regret, but, it’s not something I dwell on, it’s something I learned from, made adjustments because of.

I suppose one could argue that learning from mistakes releases them from regret. To an extent I agree, like forgive and forget, but it doesn’t change the fact that a mistake was made and had an impact. Forgive, yes, (please for the love of Life forgive), but don’t forget. Remember so that it doesn’t happen again.

You only live once, so, it’s up to you if you want to ignore your mistakes or learn from them and grow. Don’t minimize your actions, they have an impact whether you want them to or not.

Three Tricks for How to Achieve Goals

Last month, I made set some summer health goals. So far, I’ve only been successful with one of those goals, and it’s the one I thought would be the hardest. Start a workout regimen. I’m slowly keeping up with the other four goals, so I thought I’d write this week about a few tricks on how to achieve goals.

Three Tricks for How to Achieve Goals

Hawaii - How to Achieve Goals

Photo by Mi..chael via Flickr cc

How to Achieve Goals 01 :: Acknowledge your Motivation

In business we’re taught to “know our why.” The same is applicable to how to achieve goals. When we know why we are setting out to achieve something, it will be easier and more motivating to push through challenges to achieve goals. For me, my motivation is a trip I’m planning with my family to Hawaii. I both want to save money and tighten up my body. So, when I’m feeling weak or unmotivated, I just picture myself in the hot Hawaiian air—this is made easy by printing off images of Hawaii and posting them in my wallet, on my wall, and at my desk. Most of the time it helps.

How to Achieve Goals 02 :: Take Baby Steps

It’s overwhelming to make many changes all at once, so it’s important to take baby steps to learn how to achieve goals. Make a list of tasks that will get you closer to your end result and make changes week by week or month by month. For instance, your goal may be to eat healthier, so instead of totally overhauling your diet, try adding more water the first week, adding more veggies the next, and reducing sugar intake the next. This approach will make your goals more manageable.

How to Achieve Goals 03 :: Alter Your Approach

When we think about how to achieve goals, we are often approach them ineffectively. There are many ways to approach achieving goals and sometimes all it takes is pursuit of it from a different angle. When I said last month that I wanted to do sit ups every night, it didn’t work. Maybe it did when I was 15 and all I had to do after school was homework in front of the TV and gossip on the telephone, but in my twenties, not so much. I’ve decided to alter my approach and instead of doing sit ups every night, I’m going to take pilates classes once or twice a week. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

What do you think? Are these tricks helpful? How can you apply them to your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

Urge for the Surge :: Nine Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Last week I shared a few summer health kick goals and reminded you that I once lost 45 pounds without trying. Were you wondering what the magic trick was?! Well, I do have nine weight loss tips for everyone that will help you be a healthier gal (or guy) but I promise there’s no instant trick that will have you shedding pounds. It took me probably about six months to see the results of my actions. And, I want to stress, if you’re losing 45 lbs. in one month, you should see a doctor, because that ain’t healthy. Also, I’m no professional here, I’m just speaking from experience, and what it comes down to is…

it’s all about self-love, yo.

Okay! Here are the goods. The top nine things I did to lose 45 pounds without even trying. Starting at number nine. You’re gonna want to read through because number one is a shocker.

Urge for the Surge :: Nine Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 09 :: Drink Lots of Water

I know you’ve heard it before, but water is fantastic! It flushes toxins and keeps you hydrated and it tastes great with everything. Water even helps with bad breath! Drink eight glasses a day. If you’re having another beverage, like a latte or some wine, get a glass of water to go with it, just to remind yourself to stay hydrated.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 08 :: Get Your Protein

I was a vegetarian in my early twenties, and while I know there are ways to do it healthily, it wasn’t working out for me. I started to see a hugely positive change in my energy levels as soon as I added some meat into my diet. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, make sure you’re getting that protein from things like green veggies, nuts, beans, quinoa, and hemp. Your diet needs to be balanced, and while a juice cleanse can be a great detoxifier, I’m not sure it’s a great long-term meal plan.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 07 :: Don’t Skip Breakfast

This one is huge. I always make sure I eat breakfast. I used to eat a boiled egg every morning, but I’ve switched to green smoothies + they are a delightful way to start the day. Adding the greens, berries, and protein powder makes me feel like I’ve started the day fresh, so no matter what I do for the rest of the day, I made that one good choice. If you’re not a fan of green smoothies make your breakfast protein rich. Eggs are a great staple, but you could do some sausages, or quinoa bowl, or steel cut oats to get the nutrition you need to start your day. Find what works best for you, but I don’t recommend making your brekkie carb heavy.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 06 :: Eat Non-GMO + Organic (When Possible)

When I started eating meat again, I made a pact with myself that I would only eat free-range meat. This eased my conscience as I gradually made the switch but also did something amazing for my health. It may seem like hooey, but genetically modified foods have a negative effect on our bodies. The hormones injected into that food enter our own system. And, what are those hormones meant to do to the food? Make ’em bigger!

BUT, the problem is, these non-gmo, free range, organic foods are pricey and if you’re on a budget you may have to make some sacrifices. Which is why I advocate for “when possible.” Because, if the only thing stopping you from eating a salad, for instance, or some steamed kale, is that it isn’t organic, then I’d say it’s best for your body to eat that rather than starve yourself until you can get something organic.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 05 :: Limit (or Eliminate) Fast Food

Another benefit from switching to free range meat is that I pretty much totally eliminated fast food from my diet. Our fast food system is built on cheap meat, so with that gone, I only had the occasional indulgence of French fries or ice cream cone. Even if you don’t choose to go free range, limiting your fast food intake will have a huge impact.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 04 :: Ditch what Doesn’t Feel Right for You

I used to be a heavy coffee drinker. I loved the stuff and the aroma still makes me happy, but when it started to make my stomach turn, I decided to ditch the stuff and switch to tea. Man, that felt good. Now, I’m not saying coffee is bad, but listen to your body. If you’re getting a funny reaction from cheese, ditch it. I know it’s embarrassing, but these awkward reactions are probably in the form of nasty farts. Other things I ditched or limited: soy, milk, cheese, dairy in general, sugar, wheat, and eggs.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 03 :: Ask for Help

I’m an emotional eater. Asking for help meant going to therapy and facing some of the many issues plaguing my mind. I was lucky enough to have a psychologist who specialized in my area of need and gave me tremendous confidence to invest in my happiness. I wasn’t seeing her to deal with my weight, but she helped me own my worth, which gave me confidence to make all the decisions above and start being happy. If there’s something that’s bothering you, please, please, please seek professional help. It can be scary at first to see the positive changes, but it’s worth it, I promise.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 02 :: Love the Skin You’re In

It’s easily said, harder done. We are bombarded with what the perfect human should look like, but we have to recognize that it’s totally fake, photoshopped, plumped, and tightened unnaturally. There’s no escaping it, but we can ignore it. You, however, are perfect as you are. Start loving your body, and, if you have to, fake it till you make it. Start looking at your least favourite part of your body and tell yourself it’s your favourite. Get some professional pictures taken, go to a spa, say a daily self-love mantra. It’s taboo for women to love themselves because we think it’s impolite or conceited, but we can be examples for how to show grace to ourselves in a positive and inviting way.

Weight Loss Tips for Everyone 01 :: Let Yourself Indulge

YES! You can have your cake and eat it too. I have struggled so much with a sugar addiction, yet telling myself to eliminate the stuff just causes more problems. What it comes down to is portion control and moderation. (i.e. indulge, don’t engorge!) I’m not saying don’t quit sugar, because I think there’s benefit in eliminating this drug, but don’t force yourself and don’t berate yourself for being human.

Also, let yourself indulge in non-food treats as well. Go see a movie, buy a new dress, take a vacation, you deserve it honey!

There you have it, my friends. My nine weight loss tips for everyone. You see, it’s about making small changes that revolve around self-love and self-care. If there’s one thing you do today, start a romance, with yourself! Give yourself a bundle of compliments, have a bubble bath, and listen to your favourite song, over and over again!

Urge for the Surge :: A Few Summer Health Kick Goals

A few years ago, I lost 45 pounds without even trying (it seemed.) Truthfully, there were a few habits I had adopted like walking, eating fewer fast food meals, and taking care of my emotional psyche, that made the weight loss a side effect of a larger mind shift. Now, with summer in full force, I’m feeling the urge for another surge in self-care and health. I have a few goals! Here they are.

Urge for the Surge :: A Few Summer Health Kick Goals

Urge for the Surge :: Summer Health Kick Goals

Summer Health 01 :: Drink More Water

There are so many benefits to guzzling water like it’s going out of style. For instance, water flushes toxins, keeps you hydrated, reduces bloating, regulates body temperature, makes your skin look great, makes you stronger and so much more. Plus, it tastes great with everything. Water even helps with bad breath! My summer health kick goal is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. *Note :: I seriously do not want to take this resource for granted, so I commit to eliminating bottled water from my diet. (Which I have mostly already done anyway!)

Summer Health 02 :: Replace a Few Bad Habits

I am addicted to sugar. There, I said it! But instead of trying to eliminate this drug from my habit, I am going to try adding alternatives to hopefully replace it. My biggest downfall is the late evening after dinner when my mind + body are winding down. I tend to crave munchies to pass the time. Instead, I’m going to attempt to grab some fruit, healthy snacks, or tea to keep my hands busy. I think the other piece of this step is to eat a full balanced meal later in the evening to keep me full during those hours of weakness.

Summer Health 03 :: Start a Workout Regimen

The gym is one of my least favourite places of all time. I think it’s the combination of crowdedness and pushy sales associates that just turns it into a bigger chore than it already is. BUT! I’ve recently found a fun new workout place whose classes take part in a dimly lit, air conditioned room. (And it’s not yoga!) The place is called the Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary + they offer spin classes. The goal is to make it there at least twice a week.

Summer Health 04 :: Go to Yoga in the Weekend AM

Waking up before 9AM on the weekends makes me feel so good, but it’s hard not to slap the snooze button until half past ten. So, I’m going to get myself a punch pass (or something) to get out of bed on the weekends and enjoy some yoga to get my weekend mornings started with refreshing stretches. Yum!

Summer Health 05 :: Stretch + Do Abs Every Day

When I was in high school, I did 100 sit-ups (or other ab-type exercise) every day. It was glorious. I’m going to revive this habit and add in some stretches. I want to be buff + flexible because I dance. Did you know I dance?!

What do you do to keep healthy?!

Wellness Activities for Desk Workers

Let’s face it. We’ve all got a love/hate relationship with our computers. We love the ease and comfort and innovation they provide in our daily lives, but we loathe the addiction, the tasks that chain us to the screen, and even the black hole of social media and pirated films that deliver such delight in our boredom.

Let’s accept for a moment that sitting at our desks encompasses a large portion of a daily to-do’s. This reality comes with a number of health risks like sore backs, neck discomfort, lazy eyes, and anti-social tendencies.

That’s why I’ve created this list of wellness activities for desk workers. It’s got your typical stretch exercises, but I’ve also sprinkled in a couple new ideas I hope help you with your desk worker wellness.

Wellness Activities for Desk Workers

wellness activities for desk workers

1. Stretch, Baby.

It’s so important to realign your joints, especially when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day. It only takes ten minutes a day, minimum, to make a difference. Here’s a great video I like to use to stretch out my neck. Warning :: be extra gentle with your neck because these stretches go deep.

2. Move, Honey.

Getting exercise has huge benefits, not only for your desk wellness, but your overall health too! There are even a few exercises you can do at your desk. Here’s a video for those of you who have an exercise ball. But if not, don’t fret because this website has a great collection of other videos you can try.

3. Talk, Darling.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our online duties and dismiss the importance of human interaction. This is especially apparent for online entrepreneurs who can get isolated if they don’t make an effort to reach out. If you want, you can set up a weekly inspiration meeting or accountability check up with a fellow entrepreneur. Or, if you’re in an office, take a couple minutes to have a chat with your coworker. Ask them what they’re working on or how their weekend went. You may even solve a problem together!

4. Eat, Sweetie.

To refuel your energy, keep a stash of healthy snacks close at hand. I’m talking trail mix, fresh fruit, veggies and dip, or even some instant oatmeal. It’s easy to dip into the candy dish at that 3 o’clock lull, but do your body some good with a nutritious complement to the sugary sweets.

5. Walk, Kitten.

My last tip for wellness activities for desk workers is simply to get outside and walk it off. Breathe in some fresh air and get your legs moving a bit to wake up your body, mind, and soul. All it takes is 5 minutes!

So there you have it! Five wellness activities for desk workers. Which is your favourite?