What Up With All the Cigarette Litter?

Have you ever sat under a beautiful tree in your favorite park only to see cigarette butts scattered around you? It’s such a drag, right? And gross.

Litter really grinds my gears and cigarette butts are up there on my most hated litter list. Is it really necessary to just drop your cigarette butt on the ground? Can’t you be a responsible adult and dispose of it safely?

What Up With All the Cigarette Litter?

What's up with cigarette litter?

Yesterday, I spent the day picking up trash for the Shoreline Cleanup and after two hours I picked up over 2,000 cigarette butts just myself. There were 60 other people there who each picked up close to the same amount, or more. We picked up other stuff too, but those butts really stood out as the most prominent litter.

Cigarette litter isn’t just limited to the False Creek area. According to Shoreline Cleanup 2014 stats, cigarettes and paraphernalia are at the top of their “dirty dozen” litter list. The difference between the number of cigarettes gathered and the number two item, food wrappers, is 253,794. IN fact, there were more cigarettes cleaned up than all the rest of the “dirty dozen” list combined.

What the eff is up with that?

Animals mistake cigarette butts for food. Cigarettes are toxic. When animals eat these butts it makes them sick and they can die.

In British Columbia this year, there were almost 2,000 forest fires. On average, 39 per cent of forest fires are human caused. Irresponsible disposal of cigarette butts contributes to this.

Look, I’m not asking that smokers quit smoking, though I highly advocate it, but that they have consideration for the people, animals, and environment around them.

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