Creativity at Work :: How I stay Creative

Creativity at work is just like creativity anywhere else. You have to challenge yourself to really come up with something thoughtful + original. Someone once said that everything is just an imitation of something else, and yes, this is true, but that doesn’t mean that a) you shouldn’t still make it + celebrate it and b) you should settle for mediocre. Push yourself from good to great!

To help you connect in to your creativity at work, I’m sharing a few secrets for how I stay creative and push myself to be better.

Creativity at Work :: How I stay Creative

Creativity at Work

1. Break rules.

To break the rules, you have to know the rules. To master your craft, you should first master the basic principles + rules of your medium. Once you know what you should do, you’ll then be able to manipulate the rules to your advantage and push the boundaries of your art. Like in poetry, you may choose to forgo punctuation for mood. Or, in photography, you may choose to blur your subject for effect. But the key is that it’s intentional. The same goes for creativity at work. Take time to understand the rules of your position, your duties, then break the rules that will make you stand out in a sea of drones.

2. Don’t settle for good.

Creativity at work, and everywhere else, is more than just being different, it’s about being the best you can be. So often, we settle for something that’s good when we could be challenging ourselves to create something outstanding, exceptionally rare, viral even. If you sign up + listen to my website shame recovery part 04 video, you’ll see the process of how I evolved my newsletter opt in from drab, to pretty good, to super cute amazing I love it! That’s the kind of creativity at work I’m talking about.

3. Edit. Edit. And edit again.

Your first draft is never going to be your final draft. It shouldn’t be. When I’m writing a short story or a piece of creative non fiction, I edit, edit, and edit until my brain explodes with excitement at how refined I’ve made my work. Sometimes I go through upwards of 50 drafts before I send my work in for publication. And, guess what. This process of refinement is my favourite part of creativity at work. Plus, the elation of the final product is what makes that work so fulfilling.

4. Let go.

Now that I’ve talked about perfectionism, it’s time to tell you about the value of letting go. Creativity, including creativity at work, can come from a place of complete release where you eliminate your need to be good, or the best even, and allow yourself to just be. One way you can access this raw, purified creativity is through free writing where you write non stop for 15+ minutes without worrying about grammar, punctuation, format, or diction. You just write. Or, you could dance, with your eyes closed, moving with your breath, without worrying what you look like, just how you feel. I mean, I never would have been able to create my vlog intro if I was too worried of looking dumb, narcissistic, and childish. But it was so much fun!

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