The Cutest Instagram Animals to Follow Now

The cutest Instagram animals are where I spend my time on Instagram. It’s hard to resist their sweet eyes, endearing grins, and awkward poses! Here are the top nine cutest Instagram animals. Go follow them right now!

The Cutest Instagram Animals to Follow Now


Cutest Instagram Animals - TheodoreToast
TheodoreToast tops the list because he lives next door to where I work. Plus he’s just so fluffy. Look at those eyes!


Cutest Instagram Animals - BunnyPigi
I love BunnyPigi also because she’s fluffy. I just really want to feed her a carrot.


DarcyTheFlyingHedgehog has made me fall in love with rodents. He looks so sophisticated don’t you think?


Cutest Instagram Animals - UnderBite
UnderbiteUnite (aka Daisy) makes my heart melt. I love these animals overcoming adversity.


Cutest Instagram Animals - Maru
MaruTaro looks like the life of the party. I want him… now!


Cutest Instagram Animals - Marnie
MarnieTheDog is one of the luckiest and cutest Instagram animals. She gets to meet celebs on a regular basis. Bitch.*

*Pun intended


Cutest Instagram Animals - ShiShi
Shi Shi (aka @emonemon) 100% reminds me of my own cat. Namely because of this photo.


Cutest Instagram Animals - PudgeCat
PudgeTheCat is one of the cutest Instagram animals that looks the most surly. I seriously take pleasure in his misery.

Chi Chi via @stephiestylings

Cutest Instagram Animals - Chi Chi
I also share photos of my own cutest Instagram animal, Chi Chi. Follow us @stephiestylings.

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