Dirty Thirty Goals for a Flirty Wordy Soul

Every year I write a list of goals on my birthday. Sometimes I publish it, other times I don’t… but every time I fail to complete it… and I’m okay with that. Nevertheless, here’s another. Maybe with age I’ll learn to set goals low so that I can overachieve!

Dirty Thirty Goals for a Flirty Wordy Soul

Dirty Thirty Basic Goals

  1. Acquire Five Plants–I can’t promise to keep them alive
  2. Try all the Greater Vancouver Breweries–Lifetime goal = try all breweries in BC!
  3. Take on More Freelance Work
  4. Go Skinny Dipping
  5. Hang Art in my New Ap-ART-ment
  6. Go to a U-Pick
  7. Write More Blog Posts
  8. Host a Few Get Togethers

Dirty Thirty Writing Goals

  1. Finish Writing “I Didn’t Tell”
  2. Write One New Story
  3. Get Published!
  4. Write a Kids’ Book
  5. Inventory and Digitize Notebooks
  6. Submit Work to Two Writing Contests
  7. Do More Journaling
  8. Do More Waiting Words

Dirty Thirty Creative Goals

  1. Take a Calligraphy Class
  2. Start a Scrapbook–Like mom’s
  3. Take Another Burlesque Class
  4. Take an Art Class
  5. Try Doing the Artist’s Way Again
  6. Make a Few Homemade Christmas Gifts
  7. Submit to Boobies + Wieners Show
  8. Take an Improv Class

Dirty Thirty Health Goals

  1. Do a Juice Cleanse–Done
  2. Do More Yoga, Weight Training + Ab Workouts
  3. Find a New Cardio Workout–Done
  4. Listen to More Meditations
  5. Eat More Salad
  6. Do an Allergy Elimination Diet–The juice cleanse was too horrible

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  1. Chelene Knight January 5, 2019

    Try Oxygen yoga and fitness (for the abs workout goal) LOL

    I like your blog! You’ve inspired me to post some goals of my own!


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