My Favorite Canadian Writers

With the United States as our neighbors, when it comes to role models, it often seems like Canada lacking. However, when it comes to literature, we are plentiful. Maybe it’s because I’m ingrained in the writing community, but I’ve always felt like Canadian writers are the ones to beat. Here are a few of my favourite Canadian writers (PS they’re all women)!

My Favorite Canadian Writers

My Favorite Canadian Writers :: Alice Munro

Alice Munro is a Canadian writer who has mastered the art of short story writing. Her stories are rich, tragic, and thoughtful. I once saw an interview where she admitted she often felt like she wasn’t a good enough writer when she first started out. She won the Nobel Prize Prize for Literature in 2013.

My Favorite Canadian Writers :: Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is the iconic Canadian writer. She’s written novels, short stories, creative fiction, and poetry. She’s one of those writers who has created an enterprise of her work. I’d love to have a career similar to hers, and to one day have my work studied in high school classrooms, like hers was when I was behind the desk.

My Favorite Canadian Writers :: Sarah Selecky

Sarah Selecky has the writing business I long for. She’s created an online community where she both teaches and creates. I often felt like writing was a bit of a misfit, not quite seen as an art form and not quite seen as a valuable commodity. Sarah Selecky has shown how writing is both, and how it can be a lucrative career.

My Favorite Canadian Writers :: Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence is another iconic Canadian writer whose work is studied in high schools across the country. My favorite are her Lake Minnewanka characters that pop up amongst many of her stories. She created a world that was both unmistakable Canadian and entirely fictional.

My Favorite Canadian Writers :: Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald is best known for two of her novels: The Way the Crow Flies and Fall on your Knees. She is also a host of the CBC Doc Zone series. Her stories navigate traumatic realities that many girls face with an elegance and truth that lingers long after the pages have turned.

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