Five Canadian Authors on my Reading List

For a writer, I don’t read nearly enough. But I do have a bookshelf, a nightstand, and some drawers full of pages waiting to be turned, most of them written by Canadian authors. Here are five Canadian authors on my reading list. Now if only I could stop time and jump into these books!

Five Canadian Authors on my Reading List

Canadian Authors to Read

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Canadian Authors on my Reading List :: Kim McCullough

When I took UBC’s writing mentorship, Kim McCullough was the MFA writing student who helped me finalize my story. She’s been published in Room Magazine, Grain Magazine, Prism international, and more. Her novel, Clearwater is next up on my reading list.

Canadian Authors on my Reading List :: Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore judged Sarah Selecky’s Little Bird Writing Contest this year. Her first two books were nominated for the Giller Prize, which is one of literature’s most prestigious prizes. I’ve placed them both on my reading list, along with February, which was nominated for the Man Booker Prize.

Canadian Authors on my Reading List :: Jane Urquhart

I first heard about Jane Urquhart when I was studying creative writing in university. Her compilation of Canadian fiction was our required reading and I devoured every story assigned to us. Jane Urquhart is a Canadian author with over 15 titles to her name. It may be a challenge to read all of them, but my reading list is now plentiful thanks to her.

Canadian Authors on my Reading List :: Elizabeth Hay

A Giller Prize winning Canadian author, Elizabeth Hay came out with a new novel last summer. I’d like to put that on my reading list, but with nine books in her bibliography (only one of which I’ve read), it’s hard to choose where to start.

Canadian Authors on my Reading List :: Annabelle Lyon

Annabelle Lyon had just come out with her novel, Sweet Girl, when I was first looking into taking the UBC MFA in creative writing. Her work can also be found in Jane Urquhart’s short stories anthology mentioned above.

Canada has no shortage of talented writers, but as an emerging writer, it’s important for me to read more Canadian authors. Read more from my other favorite Canadian writers.

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