How I Lost 45 Pounds In One Simple Step

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch? How could you shed all those pounds without even trying? How could you wake up one morning 45 pounds lighter as if it’d been wished upon you? It’s not fair. That’ll never happen for me.

Or, you’re thinking yeah right, I don’t even want to lose weight. I make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight every year and it never happens. I’ve tried everything, so what’s this all about anyway?

Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s not about weight loss. It’s about making a small change. It’s about achieving your goals step by step. It’s about doing what makes you feel good.

So, how did I do it anyway?

But Here’s How I Lost 45 Pounds, Without Even Trying

How to Lose Weight

How I lost 45 Pounds Without Even Trying

Just one step. And then another, and another. Literally. Walking. Walking to the bus stop. Walking to the grocery store. Walking to the bar. Walking home from the bar. Walking under the sun. Walking in a blizzard. Walking at the park. Walking to work. Just plain walking.

You know what I did even? I parked my car. I put my car insurance on hold and left it on my parent’s driveway. Crazy, I know. What was I thinking?

Here’s why it worked. Why, finally, after years of wanting to be thinner, how I lost 45 pounds practically in my sleep. It’s because my weight loss was a result of something else. A result of a bigger goal. A result of what I really wanted, which was to reduce my carbon footprint, spend more time outdoors, and, frankly, save money on my seriously lacking student budget.

I want to say it was a fluke, but really it was a bonus, a reward, for sticking to my other goals. And, because I was so passionate about nature, essentially, it wasn’t a chore to head out the door. I mean, I didn’t even have to wear workout clothes. I could wear whatever I wanted, a dress & heels, shorts & Birkenstocks, or jeans & wedges. All I was doing was showing up, feeling happy, and doing something fun.

And, that’s what For A Year Of Magic is all about. It’s about committing to our simplest, yet sort of hidden, wishes. Being in nature. Eating more exotic fruit. Honouring mother earth. Creating beautiful art. Connecting with inspiring people. You name it, I know you can accomplish it.

Want some one-on-one help achieving your goals in the New Year?

For A Year Of Magic is a day planner & eCourse full of goal-setting worksheets, motivational newsletters, weekly inspiring quotes, monthly writing prompts, and a Facebook group dedicated to connecting you to a bevy of like-minded people. And, now, you can have one-on-one coaching sessions all year long (or just a few sessions), with me, to make sure you’re setting the right goals, keeping to them, and creating the best year ever.

The Other Top 9 Things I Did To Lose 45 Pounds

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