Musings on Beautiful Story Endings

A story is not complete without its ending. To write beautiful story endings is thoughtful, poetic and hard as fuck. Beautiful story endings are both surprising and satisfying. Beautiful story endings pose as many questions as they answer. Beautiful story endings are as close to perfection an artist can get.

Musings on Beautiful Story Endings

Musings on beautiful story endings

I chose to write about beautiful endings this week because I went to see Phoenix at the Vancity Theatre whose ending could not have been more perfect. As I mentioned, its ending posed as many questions as it answered. Its ending wrapped up loose ends and delivered a satisfying openness. Its ending satiated my appetite for art.

So how does one write a beautiful ending? I don’t think there’s a specific equation. I’ve heard some say it just comes to you while others spend years writing and re-writing story endings. I think what’s most important is letting your story reveal itself. Don’t mask what makes you uncomfortable and don’t shackle your story to your personal fulfilment. Robert Frost sums up my point nicely ::

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. :: Robert Frost

With practice, focus and trust in your craft, you will find a way to write beautiful story endings.

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