Five Easy Persuasive Writing Techniques

Persuasive writing techniques take time. Persuasion doesn’t necessarily depend on the quality of your idea, but rather how well you communicate it. A great product goes unnoticed without proper positioning, whereas garbage is sold for millions with the right twist. I want to tell you about five persuasive writing techniques.

Five Easy Persuasive Writing Techniques

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I Think I Can

The Little Engine that Could got up the hill through that simple mantra, but the book wasn’t sold by saying “I think it’s good.” One of the best persuasive writing techniques is to drop “I think” and “I believe” from your vocabulary. By deleting those phrases, your sentence will have more power. This practice gives you instant authority.

Ditch the Adverbs, She Said Persuasively

Seriously though, if you want to be persuasive, ditch the adverbs. Using adverbs hints to your reader that you’re unclear of your statement, not to mention doubtful of their intelligence. Replace adverbs with better verbs. Don’t get hung up on perfection in your first draft. Revise, my dear friend, revise. Check out Stephen King’s thoughts on the subject.

Get Active

An active voice delivers direct, clear, and succinct messages with a punch. Writing in an active voice means the subject performs the action, for instance “persuasive writing techniques improved my writing” (active) vs. “my writing was improved by persuasive writing techniques” (inactive).

Ease Up

Have you ever had to re-read a paragraph or sentence so many times you forget why you started in the first place? For more persuasive writing, keep it short. That means paragraphs, sentences, and words. While your run-on prose may seek to clarify, it does the opposite. Readers will not only get lost in redundancy and ambiguity, but in puzzlement of following the words. Give them a break.

Once in a Lifetime Fail

How convinced are you when someone claims their offer is “once in a lifetime” or that their service is “state-of-the-art?” Not much? So why use this propaganda in your writing? Outlandish claims diminish authority. Ditch ’em as fast as you ditch adverbs. Replace these filler phrases with detailed examples that support your position.

Persuasive writing techniques take practice. And, like I said, don’t rely on your first draft to communicate effectively. Schedule time for revision and you’ll pack a meaner punch.

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