Pug in a Blanket, 100 Brilliant Books, Why Dating Can Suck Big Time, and Other Links

Photo by Matthew Wiebe

Photo courtesy Unsplash by Matthew Wiehe

I don’t know about you, but a pug in a blanket makes everything okay! And I rrrrreally needed that! The first months of my 2016 have been busier, crazier, more hectic than any other year. I’ve worked 50 hour weeks, applied to writing residencies, gone on some cute and some awkward dates, done a nude photoshoot, revamped my Neatos interview series, started a new interview series on my burlesque blog, started a words as art project, considered moving to London, joined artScene Vancouver, and more! This week I’ve decided to share a few links that help keep me sane when everything else seems to be insane.

* This collection of photographs is free to use, and, PS, they’re hiring

* Have you heard of the Bullet Journal? It’s revolutionized how I organize my life! It’s great to keep my journal-type entries + my day planner in one place

* I’ve read a few, but would like to read all these 100 Canadian books that make our country look GOOD

* Do you cringe as much as I do at these suspenseful still lives? If you have time peruse the full site, it’s delightful

* Ever wanted to meet the artist up close? Small Stage (the dance organization I’m a Board Member with) is hosting a salon series where you can hang out with the artists before the show

* This article struck a cord with me. It describes to the men we love how we feel about the men who scare (and why sometimes a simple interaction to you is terrifying to us)

* I’m single (!!) but sometimes I really hate dating

* I’ve been thinking of doing the Whole 30 diet and this recipe looks damn good

* There’s a podcast for Vancouver writers

Now, you tell me, what’s inspiring you this week? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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