Marketing can be a daunting task at times, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I offer one-on-one consulting sessions so that you can tackle your marketing strategy with finesse. Plus you’ll learn simple techniques to use in your future campaigns.

It’s like life coaching, except for marketing.

A marketing consulting session is for you if:
+ Your marketing strategy is to cross your fingers and hope it works
+ You want to get over that icky sales feeling keeping you up at night, not to mention broke
+ You want simple, do-it-yourself, + free marketing techniques to implement today
+ You feel like social media takes up all your time + you want to change that on the asap
+ You’re ready for a big change + you want a push in the right direction

I can help you solve problems like:
+ How to navigate social media and focus on only what’s working
+ Developing effective product/business launch strategies
+ Identifying your ideal clients/customers and how to get their attention
+ Narrowing in on your goals and how to achieve them
+ Building confidence in your business and life
+ Saving time by using my tried and tested templates

Here’s a little list of some of the marketing consulting services I provide:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Confidence Building
  • Marketing Tips
  • Insider Tools + Tricks
  • In-Person or Skype
  • Training Sessions

I believe we all have creativity living inside us.

Click here + I’ll help you find yours!


“I was absolutely blown away by how much I learned from Stephanie in my first consultation. Not only did she take the time to research into what our business did but she was able to suggest clear and effective steps to take it to the next level. She also brought some key things to my attention that I had completely overlooked in the beginning such as our social media strategy and what we should be offering potential clients. I am really looking forward to working with Stephanie again and to share our progress and growth, with her help.”

Jessica Catorc :: Create Training

“In only one marketing strategy session, Stephanie zeroed in on aspects of my online business marketing that either weren’t working or where they could be improved, along with specific, actionable steps that I was able to implement immediately. She’s very knowledgeable and provides effective, creative ways to help any entrepreneur take their business to the next level. I definitely want someone like her on my team!”

Jacqueline Rimmer :: JCR Studios

“Working with Stephanie has literally been the most helpful consulting/coaching I’ve ever had. She’s helped me step by step through promoting my launch and I’ve noticed a really solid community growing around my blog. It’s not just faceless, nameless numbers anymore but an actual community! Stephanie is so knowledgeable and has a lot of information to share. If you’re on the fence about working with her, consider this your giant shove to the “yes” side.”

Mo Olivas :: Ollivander Mo

“Working with Stephanie is something that I’m recommending to everyone, even though I only had one marketing consultation with her — it was that good. She brings so much knowledge and experience to the table, and is quickly able to see what is and isn’t working with what you’re currently doing. After talking with her for 45 minutes I walked away with a road map for a launch I never would have considered doing without her, with easy to accomplish steps outlined, among other action steps to complete for other things. I left our session feeling inspired, energized, and bursting with ideas. Don’t just think about working with Stephanie — do it!! Your future self will thank you tenfold.”

Indigo Colton :: Spikes and Stardust