Some Cool Sh*t :: Street Art, #PMJT, and a Bunch of Good Reads

Vancouver Street Art

Vancouver street art in Gastown.

* I just love this Forty Over 40 initiative. More award giving publications + organizations should do this. Youth, especially in women, is held in such high regard that the wisdom, accomplishment, and beauty of older generations is lost (*ignored). We can make great achievements at any age.

* We recently elected a new Prime Minister in Canada and this is his party trick. Also voter turnout was the highest it’s been since 1993.

* Design*Sponge has been featuring some beautiful art.

* Cat gifs aren’t just a waste of time. Here’s what you can learn from those cute, furry balls of meow.

* Love art? Become a Young Patron at Vancouver’s CAG.

* A past life regression meditation, if you’re into that sort of thang.

* Ladies! Does this ever happen to you?

* Wanna read 100 books? Here’s a list of 100 of the best Canadian novels.

* 100 books too much? Try these 29 short stories.

* I need a new filing cabinet and this one is pretty cool.

* So this… just the best thing to do on an autumn weekend.

* Are party suits the new ugly sweaters? I think so, yes.

* An interesting read on success.

* Aaaaaaand, an all time feel good, booty shaking favourite.

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