The Best Things About Being Canadian

Happy Birthday, Canada! Thanks for being the best. In celebration of you, I’ve compiled a shortlist of the best things about being Canadian because being Canadian is the best.

The Best Things About Being Canadian

Best Things About Being Canadian

* Did you know that Canada has had marriage equality since July 20, 2005 + was the fourth country in the world (+ first outside Europe) to legalize same-sex marriage?

* Canada is the second largest country in the world + our landscapes are vast + varied. (Wide open spaces, bitches!)

* We birth some of the best artists in the world, of all genres. Here are a few of my favourite Canadian musicians + bands.

* We are proudly polite + giving.

* Polar bears live here. Over half the world’s population of them, actually.

* Ummm, let’s see, Ryan Gosling. (+ Rachel McAdams, Chris Hadfield, Ellen Page, Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Ryan Reynolds, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Seth Rogan, William Shatner, Malin Akerman, the list goes on…)

* We can get from one coast of the country to the next on the world’s longest highway.

* There are so many lakes (more than any other country) + the longest coastline of all.

* We are so freaking adorable, loved by all + have the cutest sayings.


  1. Tranae July 15, 2015

    My husband and I have talked about moving to Canada a couple of times. We have never been but the photos are always so beautiful and the laws are more liberal.

    • StephieStylings001 July 26, 2015

      It is very beautiful here!!!


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