At Stantec, brand voice is essential to their success. In my role as marketing coordinator, I supported a wide variety of sectors, disciplines, and departments through multiple marketing initiatives. To keep a consistent brand for a company with approximately 22,000 employees in over 400 locations requires persistence, brand knowledge, and loads of teamwork. In my role I:

  • Developed and distributed multi-discipline proposals and presentations
  • Created marketing materials
  • Tracked project opportunities and leads
  • Coordinated client events
  • Coordinated award submissions
  • Cross-promoted Stantec’s various service offerings
  • Coordinated tasks associated with advertising, photography, and more specific client outreach as needed
  • Contributed to internal databases that supported business development and marketing activities
  • Applied understanding of current issues and trends for client-specific needs and preferences
  • Monitored and promoted Stantec’s competitive positioning including brand messaging

Due to the proprietary nature of my work, select samples are available only upon request.