From memoir and short stories to poetry and picture books,

I love placing words in particular order to form sentences.

Appreciation for the way I fashion sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into stories, is how writing became my job. And, it’s been my job since 2007, but also my passion since before 1997.

My first memory of writing for fun was shortly after my dad taught me to spell my name. After I’d scrawled a crooked “Stephanie” onto a piece of scrap paper, I was hooked. In the basement of our beige suburban home in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, I started writing songs to tell my family (and teddy bears) how much I loved them. It’s funny how we don’t know how precious we are until we look back 20 years later with a tear in our eye.

Since then, I’ve kept a rigorous journal and a sporadic pen to order my thoughts and tell stories. Nowadays, I work part-time at a UBC research center to help them share youth experiences of stigma and resilience in Canada. Outside of that, I’m working here, at Stylings & Stories, where I write, design, and consult for projects that make a difference in our lives, communities, and world.

What I’ve been working on.

I often have a couple projects on the go and a long list of ideas that I’d like to get started. I am also often working on several creative writing pieces such as memoir, short stories, and poetry collections. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve recently worked on: