Beauty Water (2020) Film Review

On-the-nose critique of South Korea’s beauty industry

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Writer: Lee Han-bin
Director: Cho Kyung-hun
Starring: Moon Nam-sook, Jang Min-hyuk, Cho Hyun-jung, Kim Bo-young

Beauty Water is a haunting animated horror critiquing South Korea’s plastic surgery industry. When Yae-ji learns of a tonic that can grant her a perfect body and looks, she will stop at nothing to maintain her newfound status.

Haunting consequences

At first, the magic water seems to grant Yae-ji her deepest desires, but there’s a catch. She learns she will need a steady stream of Beauty Water to maintain her looks. When things go awry she turns to more and more desperate measures–emptying her savings, sacrificing her parents, and ultimately murder.

A chilling twist

As soon as you believe that Yae-ji has learned her lesson and will live happily ever after a chilling twist is revealed. You might see it coming, you might not.


I found the critique to be a little on-the-nose, but overall the story was interesting and had a truly terrifying twist.

Beauty Water shines a haunting light on the desperation for perfection.

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