Nine Contemporary Art Blogs for an Aesthetic Feast

Contemporary art blogs are important because they bring art from around the world–the stuff you wouldn’t see in your hometown gallery–into your home. Artists can now reach further and establish credibility by having their work showcased on contemporary art blogs. Plus they are pretty, like an aesthetic feast. Here are nine contemporary art blogs to add to your reading list.

Nine Contemporary Art Blogs for an Aesthetic Feast

Contemporary Art Blogs

Contemporary Art Blogs 01 :: Waiting Words*

Waiting Words isn’t exactly a blog, it’s an Instagram account. But still, it’s worth following. (Though I may be bias since I’m the author)! These are the words I write while waiting, after catching my breath, before diving deep into the moment. The photo above gives you a bit of a taste!

Contemporary Art Blogs 02 :: The Jealous Curator*

The Jealous Curator is a blog that put a positive spin on that little green monster. Instead of hiding behind artist’s block or a fear of failure, this contemporary art blog encourages you to be inspired by the art around you and celebrate creativity wherever it comes from.

Contemporary Art Blogs 03 :: Artparasites*

Artparasites showcases art, yes, but also commentary on relationships, the creative process, and life lessons in general. Plus, I love how their navigation is sorted by mood. Enjoy.

Contemporary Art Blogs 04 :: Colossal*

Colossal is art, design, and visual culture rolled into a contemporary art blog. This blog often incorporates unexpected art, like iridescent oil spills and glistening solar panels.

Contemporary Art Blogs 05 :: Brain Pickings*

Brain Pickings doesn’t exactly focus on art, but the essays on this blog are thought-provoking and offer unique headlines for content that’s created with intention.

Contemporary Art Blogs 06 :: Booooooom*

Booooooom showcases art from around the world in all genres. You can have a read through the posts, or submit your own work.

Contemporary Art Blogs 07 :: Artforum

Artforum is not only a contemporary art blog, but a print magazine as well. It’s like a newsy arts site.

Contemporary Art Blogs 08 :: Art Mag Blog

Art Mag Blog is the online publication from Saatchi Gallery in London, United Kingdom. It’s more of an academic, gallery approach to art and isn’t as contemporary focused as the rest on this list, but add it to your blogreel and you won’t be disappointed.

Contemporary Art Blogs 09 :: Art F City

I found Art F City through a Huffington Post article about some of the best contemporary art blogs based out of New York. It seems pretty neat. This blog also has a daily gif, which are all super weird. Have fun perusing the site.

*Indicates contemporary art blogs that I read regularly.

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