Three Tricks for How to Achieve Goals

Last month, I made set some summer health goals. So far, I’ve only been successful with one of those goals, and it’s the one I thought would be the hardest. Start a workout regimen. I’m slowly keeping up with the other four goals, so I thought I’d write this week about a few tricks on how to achieve goals.

Three Tricks for How to Achieve Goals

Hawaii - How to Achieve Goals

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How to Achieve Goals 01 :: Acknowledge your Motivation

In business we’re taught to “know our why.” The same is applicable to how to achieve goals. When we know why we are setting out to achieve something, it will be easier and more motivating to push through challenges to achieve goals. For me, my motivation is a trip I’m planning with my family to Hawaii. I both want to save money and tighten up my body. So, when I’m feeling weak or unmotivated, I just picture myself in the hot Hawaiian air—this is made easy by printing off images of Hawaii and posting them in my wallet, on my wall, and at my desk. Most of the time it helps.

How to Achieve Goals 02 :: Take Baby Steps

It’s overwhelming to make many changes all at once, so it’s important to take baby steps to learn how to achieve goals. Make a list of tasks that will get you closer to your end result and make changes week by week or month by month. For instance, your goal may be to eat healthier, so instead of totally overhauling your diet, try adding more water the first week, adding more veggies the next, and reducing sugar intake the next. This approach will make your goals more manageable.

How to Achieve Goals 03 :: Alter Your Approach

When we think about how to achieve goals, we are often approach them ineffectively. There are many ways to approach achieving goals and sometimes all it takes is pursuit of it from a different angle. When I said last month that I wanted to do sit ups every night, it didn’t work. Maybe it did when I was 15 and all I had to do after school was homework in front of the TV and gossip on the telephone, but in my twenties, not so much. I’ve decided to alter my approach and instead of doing sit ups every night, I’m going to take pilates classes once or twice a week. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

What do you think? Are these tricks helpful? How can you apply them to your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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