4 Daily Tasks that Invite Inspiration for Writing Ideas

Inspiration can hit at any time. Sometimes we search for it within books or faces or in the dust that collects on the windowsill. But other times, inspiration for writing ideas strikes in the midst of our daily tasks, like a flash of lightning in our brain that electrocutes creativity. Here are 4 daily tasks that invite inspiration for writing ideas.

4 Daily Tasks that Invite Inspiration for Writing Ideas

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Inspiration for Writing Ideas 01 :: The Commute

Why is it that inspiration for writing ideas seem to pop up when our hands are tied? The commute to your daily work is a fine example of such inconvenient, but inviting, inspiration. The familiarity to your route shifts you into autopilot leaving your mind free to wander. You can tune out or turn off the radio and let the characters play in your head. (You’re not crazy, you’re creative. I plomise!)

Inspiration for Writing Ideas 02 :: The Shower

Maybe it’s the comfortable heat, maybe it’s the cascade of cleansing water, but either way, the shower is a deep sea of inspiration for writing ideas. You’ll have to keep a pen + notebook within reach (+ maybe a towel) to catch the idea before it follows the flow down the drain. Also, be careful your imagination doesn’t take the time away, you don’t want to be late + waste too much precious water.

Inspiration for Writing Ideas 03 :: The Dishes

The daily task of washing dishes is another one of those necessities that leaves your mind free to wander. As such, this can be the perfect time to invite inspiration for writing ideas. As your hands take over in the bubbles, you can follow your imagination into the depths, take hold of that new writing idea and swim with it. Who cares about prune fingers? Amiright?

Inspiration for Writing Ideas 04 :: The Walk

If you’re feeling particularly stuck (or better, particularly creative) take a walk. Work up a bit of a sweat and get the juices flowing. Leave your iPod at home and keep company with your own thoughts. The action and relaxation of your body will squirt some well deserved inspiration for writing ideas.

Inspiration for Writing Ideas :: Bonus Tip

You can also take an active role with inviting inspiration for writing ideas. It’s so easy to get caught up in your daily dialogue of to do’s and to don’t’s, but if you actively contemplate inspiration for writing ideas, you open a floodgate for your creativity. In the car, ask yourself where your newest protagonist will go next. At the kitchen sink, decide where your story will be set. It’s all in there, you just have to listen!

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