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Ashley Wilhite :: Your Super Awesome Life

Have you ever wanted to indulge but were too afraid? Afraid you’d look silly, afraid you’d make mistakes, afraid you’d fail entirely? Well, here’s someone who’s overcome her fears and lives a life she loves. Meet Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life. She’s a life coach who felt inspired to create a program for women in their 20’s to work through the process of learning to live on their own terms. She wants you to challenge what’s been expected of you and Cake for Breakfast can do just that!

Cake for Breakfast is an all-encompassing program that will help you discover who you are, what you want, and how to get it. It’s all based on Ashley’s real life experiences.

I was thinking about when I would have needed this the most. It’s when I was overcoming perfectionism and the path people laid out for me.

Ashley is all about the feeling, that groove that gets you motivated to work. She came up with the idea for Cake for Breakfast while on a summer run and from there the idea grew to this workbook with audio and writing prompts that’s available to everyone, even if you can’t afford a coach.

If you want to build yourself a life you love, like Ashley, whose daily tasks are always evolving with her inspiration, then you should start with Cake for Breakfast.

Here are a few things I learned about Ashley in our interview.

  1. She works when she’s inspired. And music usually helps her get in the creative mood. She listens to Joshua Radin while she writes and Taylor Swift for something upbeat.
  2. Ashley doesn’t really work a “typical” day. She’s got her morning routine of coffee, green smoothie, and running (on run days), then mid-morning appointments (usually), and an afternoon free to create whether it’s our eCourse collaboration, Jump!, her new eBook, or brainstorming super awesome ideas.
  3. She’s totally had cake for breakfast. On the launch of the program, she ate a tasty strawberry cupcake!
  4. She’s super focused and diligent. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish when we’re living an inspired life

And, how does she keep her life playful and brilliant?

“I don’t have a set schedule. I love the flexibility that I can do what I want. I coach and work with people who get me excited. Also, quitting my job to work for myself and going to Canada to be with my boyfriend, who is also a blogger at Peter De Wolf, were huge, and brilliant, decisions I made for myself.”

If you’re in need of a Life Coach, you are sooo in luck. This week, Ashley is offering Pay What You Want on all her coaching sessions. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

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