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Creative Interview with Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals

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Meet my sister, Amelia, and her partner, Patrick! I’m so inspired by their whimsy ways and deep connection to the earth. Read their story below and learn about how they craft herbal tinctures, salves, and tea blends by sourcing right from nature.

Tell us about yourselves. How did you meet?

We both own the company Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals. We spend our time formulating and making tinctures, salves, and tea blends. Wildcrafting, camping, and learning new ways to perserve wild foods and medicines is our passion! We love each other and being in the forest! Of course our families and community also! We met when I had just come back from Vipassana, a meditation camp in Alberta, and was headed to “The Potluck House” (where Patrick lived in) to meet my friend Sara, although, she was not there yet, Patrick and my friend being the only ones there! It was love at forest site ahaha I suppose!

What is Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals?

Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals is a company based on bringing the best medicinals from around the world, as well as working with what grows in our local environment. We focus a lot on wildcrafting medicinal plants and fungi here in Alberta and British Columbia. By using sustainable harvesting practices, and preparing medicines from these wild plants, we hope to raise people’s awareness of local herbal medicines, and to foster an appreciation and love of the wild lands and forests, to see them not just as empty or wasted space but as a valuable resource worthy of protection.

What got you started on this venture? How did you get into creating tinctures?

When we first met, Patrick made a tincture of Sexual Tonic and Aphrodisiac. Not that WE needed it at the time, but we tested it out on our friends, and it was such a huge hit with our friends we decided to continue to create more and more! As we got more into wild plants and foods it came naturally to tincture the medicines as it’s a great way to preserve and extract them!


What sort of tinctures do you offer? What do they do? Do you have a favourite?

We offer a variety of tinctures ranging from our more playful ones such as Sexual Tonic and Aphrodisiac and Herbal Ecstacy to more medicinal ones such as Adaptogen and Immunostimulant, Medicinal Mushroom blend, and then to a whole line in which we wildcrafted ourselves such as Wild Adaptogen, Wild Ginger, Wild Sarsaparilla… etc.

If you’d like to order some tinctures, salves, and tea blends or just learn more about their products, send them an email.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The Biggest challenge has been to be organized on a business point of view. The making of everything has come naturally and with joy. As for the business aspect, we fly by the seat of our pants and sometimes it feels more forced than natural. Marketing and selling our product on a level other than one-on-one basis is challenging.

What advice can you give to crafters & artisans starting on a similar journey?

Do what you love! It’s worth it no matter what if it’s something that you enjoy doing and will do no matter what!

What’s in the works for Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals in the near future?

Our goals are to expand and get into more stores and continue on with new formulas as they come!

How do you keep your life playful & brilliant?

Well, we love what we do and spend so much of the time wildcrafting for the tinctures that life couldn’t be better! We have allowed ourselves to go at our rate and grow our business slowly, so we haven’t had much stress about the need for expansion or over commitment! We love it to say the least.

Much love to Amelia & Patrick. I’m so happy to share their story. Again, if you want to order tinctures, learn more or just say hi, simply email Amelia & Patrick!

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