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Meet Nick, right, and Paul, left, of Disposable Camera Project here in Vancouver. Disposable Camera Project is so cool, and international! I’ll let them explain.

Disposable Camera Project

1. What exactly is the Disposable Camera Project?

Disposable Camera Project (DCP) is an interactive and dynamic photo album on a global scale, profiling cool places through the eyes of the people that share them.

Everyone has a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, why doesn’t Robson Square or Olympic Village? We aim to do that by allowing the people that share these spots to provide their perception and in turn we see a collective profile of these locations.

We leave a disposable camera with attached instructions in cool locations. People either find them, or happen across them, they use the camera, then put it back. We come and pick it up when it’s done and put the photos on the website.

2. How did Disposable Camera Project get started? How did you become involved?

DCP just celebrated its two-month anniversary on September the 18th. It started as a simple school project of some friends of ours in Toronto. Paul and myself found out about it and immediately approached Mike Yambao and Mark Serrano about trying it in Vancouver, they loved the idea, and so we started it that weekend. That was about three months ago. The four of us joined up as a team and it has been a whirlwind since.

Paul and I are both new to Vancouver. We are creative and ambitious guys who have been talking about and searching for a new venture since we got out here. Once we heard what our friends back home had done we immediately saw the potential, joined forces, and re-launched.

3. Can you talk about the international aspect? Do you have coordinators in each city? How can someone get DCP in their own city?

Going international has been amazing, but it has also brought many new challenges. At this point we are still developing a structure and system that will make it easier for others to get involved. One aspect of this is a “build your own kit” video we have in the works, that simply teaches others how to build a kit and how to place it.

We refer to the people doing Disposable Camera Project nationally and internationally as “connections,” because they are connecting us to the world and in a sense brining people together, which is what DCP is all about.

Some of them have been friends, others have been people that have reached out to us that love the concept and want to start it to showcase their own city.

4. What do you like best about Disposable Camera Project?

The variety of the photos + the reaction of the people as they walk by a kit, see it, smile, and use it.

5. Tell me about a memorable photo or DCP event!

Paul and I have very fond memories of the first time, and specifically the first camera, that we ever put out in Vancouver. It was in Coal Harbour along the seawall. We put the camera out having no idea if it would work or not, tied it to a pole and quickly ran off, only to stop a few hundred feet away and spy. Within minutes people were stopping, reading it, and using it. We were ecstatic. That camera took eight hours, we have now done almost 50 cameras in Vancouver alone, and approaching 100 internationally.

One of our favourite photos is from that camera. Two kids, a brother and sister dressed in matching Mickey and Minnie mouse shirts giving the peace sign, it’s great.


6. What advice can you give ladies + gents looking to turn their passion into a business?

Rise to the challenges, because there will be many. It will be a rollercoaster ride so celebrate your accomplishments, persevere through the failures and progress each and every day.

7. What’s in the works for Disposable Camera Project in the near future?

We want to continue to grow and expand in the two cities we started in, Toronto, and of course beautiful Vancouver, but also to get as many other cities on the map as possible.

In the near future we want to also have a system that allows others to build kits and put out cameras so they in turn can see their album from their city on

8. How do you keep your life playful + brilliant?

Surround yourself with good people, people who will challenge you to be a better person, and if you work hard, play hard.

9. Oh! I almost forgot. How can I find a camera?

We post clues to camera locations on Facebook & Twitter, so like and follow us! For those of you that don’t have those social media accounts, not to worry, we have them on an integrated feed on our website, so just be checking the site.

I love that you two spied on your first camera! Must have been so awesome seeing the looks of delight. I’m on the lookout for Van’s cameras!

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