What a Terrible Teapot Teaches Us about Success

There’s a teapot that causes grief everywhere I go. Do you know the one I’m talking about? It’s the one you get at cafés and diners that does anything but what a teapot is meant to do. As soon as you tip the spout to fill your cup, water pours down the edge, burning your palm, pooling hot water all over your table. It’s ridiculous. It’s a f*cking teapot and it can’t pour properly. What’s the deal?

What a Terrible Teapot Teaches Us about Success

What a Terrible Teapot Teaches Us about Success

Success Does Not Equal Greatness

It’s not like I encountered this teapot once at some dive, I see it everywhere. Even in establishments that pride themselves on gourmet quality food/coffee/tea/etc. So, clearly this little terrible teapot is doing well for itself.

This got me thinking.

Success isn’t an indicator of greatness. “Success” can mean selling millions of cheap teapots that don’t even do the one task they are supposed to do. How is this happening—she says yanking her hair. How is it that restauranteurs are satisfied supplying their customers with malfunctioning utensils? It’s ludicrous.

It’s also frustrating. There’s this quote floating around the internet that says “good things come to those who work hard.” Yes, working hard is essential, but it doesn’t mean there are no shortcuts. Clearly these teapots are taking a mind boggling shortcut and are still being rewarded. But they’re always going to be that terrible teapot. Who wants to be known as the terrible teapot?

There’s that One Thing that Gives You Away

I’m not the only one who can’t stand this terrible teapot. People who like their tea, like it in their cup not on their plate! So, if you’re a business owner and you think you’re hiding this terrible teapot, you’re wrong.

When you hand me a terrible teapot with my meal, it gives you away. It tells me that, even if it’s just this one thing, you’re cutting corners. It makes me feel cheated because your food is so good, your atmosphere is so inviting, but YOUR TEAPOTS DON’T WORK!

I know you’ve invested a lot in your business, and you pride yourself on good food, and it’s true, it’s sooooo good, but the utensils we use to enjoy it are just as important to our satisfaction—and brand trust.

Of course, the terrible teapot syndrome can be applied to any business. What’s the terrible teapot in your industry?

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